We all are addicted to social media to a point where we can’t or minute without browsing our news feed. Whether it is important or not important we love browsing news feed and this is called social media addiction. Elders say that too much of any good thing turns it into a bad thing and you should never get addicted of anything and if you are then you should try quitting that habit but you know what the toughest part of quitting anything is implementing that plan. But somehow I managed to decide to log off from all social media apps and here what I experienced.

From my experience, it’s not quite an easy task to live for an hour without even liking someone’s photo. But somehow this went on for 1 week and here what I experienced in that whole week.

Social Media Making us Introvert?

I started my day, as usual, we all do but one thing that I skipped was checking my phone for any notifications from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter which saved me my one hour of the day and fortunately I reached my college on time and there I saw my friends they are busy in their mobile scrolling through Facebook and other apps but today I got chance to do some self-thinking which ended me up in a really good spot.

I also think social media is playing a big role in making us introvert because what I used to do was just staring at my mobile phone whole day in my room telling myself and whole world that I am busy with some important work and just neglecting my friends who are there in the real world because I made some new friends online who don’t even know who I am. 

The one thing which is I also realized that I know I can utilize my 24 hours of the day completely instead of just sitting in my room. Now, I have time to go out and chill with my friends and make real memories not Instagram memories and now I don’t have to fake my smile for photos just thinking what people are gonna say online because I am not online anymore.

Importance of Social Media nowadays

This went for whole one week and it was pretty nice but now thinking how much I may have missed I installed those apps again but now I use them in a limit because now I know my priorities and also how cool is real world is but these social media apps have become such an integral part of our lives that we can think of living without them but you have to use them if you want to keep up with the rest of world as it has not affected some people it has affected millions. So one can change but million people can’t change themselves at the same time.

But really you should try to detoxicate your self for once because it feels really good and the question is How should you go? What should you do?

According to me, it’s all about your self-determination if it’s strong enough then you can do it. You can resist your temptation to use social media but if it’s weak that you can’t live without it even for a minute then it’s not your thing and you should keep using it because it can land you in depression; Yes, it has been seen in many tests that teens addicted to social media went in depression when they were told to quit it for sometime.

Good Bye Instagram

A little tip to all of them who are going to be trying this stunt that you should start with a “Good Bye Post” that increases your will to resist as your whole group got to know your mission and you don’t want to humiliate yourself by popping back next minute after posting that post.